Two years ago the Past President of HJ-04 Solon George Malamo along with back on that date V. President Alexandros Dimas walked the stairs of the Chief of General Staff and paid a customary visit. Both had the unanimous approval of the Management Team to commit on a continuous support of our Hellenic Navy highlighting the Phrase that Hellas is her Navy and as long as Hellas has Ships liberty is guaranteed.

Our Chapter never stopped working on that direction and the Hellenism Committee never stopped to set up plans on the accomplishment of that promise.

On 2022 the new elected President Alexandros Dimas with the exactly the same Management Team promised to the Past President George that will guarantee the continuation of the Chapter’s Development – always staying strictly focus on the principles of AHEPA following his example and always keep Chapter’s promises.

In the 1st quarter of 2023 the chapter donated important ship supplies for the benefit of the Hellenic Navy’s Command of the Fast Vessels. Shipping committee worked on that direction and had a very successful result due to the actions of our Shipping Committee’s Management Team Member Ioannis (John) Spagadoros an expert in ship spares and supplies transportation and the very good support received by the constantinos katradis company.

On the 21st of July 2023 a 2nd useful donation organised by the Director of Shipping Committee and especially Lefteris Chrisofakis and recently announced tο the Hellenic Navy Navy General Staff by the Chapter ‘s President Alexandros Dimas.

This donation as well was undersigned by the same management team V. President Sotiris Stasinopoulos , Treasurer Aggelis Nikolaos , Warden Michael Galiatsatos , CFO Vasilis Kaponis , Director of Family Excellence Anthimos Vougioukas , Director Civic Responsibility Agapitos Chatzielenis and the important Education Committee presently managed by Dr John Konstantopoulos of the University of Piraeus. Right now is in the process of the approval procedure.

On the 24th of July our Chapter had the honour to visit major unites of our Hellenic Navy and discuss with their Commanders. Members that participated had the chance to see active units on board and feel the honour of participation on Chapter’s Navy Projects.

Once more our President committed that will continue to support our Country and her historical Hellenic Navy -;always staying focus to the principles of AHEPA.

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