During the wildfires that mercilessly hit Greece during the summer 2023 the Chapter of AHEPA HJ-04 Solon following an emergency meeting, released an urgent donation for the benefit of the Elite Rescue Team of Egaleo.
This special team with their own means assisted the fire brigades In Rhodes, Alexandroupolis and everywhere else where their help was considered crucial.
Similarly, in the midst of the recent floods, they acted selflessly and with every available means at their disposal tried to save every human soul, animals and as they said anything or anyone that could be saved in that nightmare.
ΕΠ.OM.E.A (Elite Rescue Team of Egaleo) is a team officially embraced by the Civic Responsibility pillar of the Chapter AHEPA HJ-04 Solon under the Management of the  Director Agapitos Chatzielenis. Himself is an experienced and active team’s member.
The President of the AHEPA Chapter HJ-04 Solon Alexandros Dimas along with the Director of  Civic Responsibility Mr. Hadjielenis following an optional delay in order to find team’s operations – normalized – met officially with the President of EP.OM.E.A Mr. Roumeliotis, who thanked the AHEPA Chapter HJ-04 Solon for the emergency relief on the peak of the disasters.

He pointed out its importance as they were able to refuel their fire truck on the time of a real need.
The President of AHEPA Solon HJ-04 Alexandros Dimas pointed out that those situations amount to a catastrophe equivalent to war and it is a common obligation to facilitate in this way the operations organized by state.

The Director Civic Responsibility Mr. Hatzielenis expressed the view that we must offer help in any available way on time since the environment and the life in the forests affect us – and our children – in a very immediate way.
Mr. Roumeliotis thanked AHEPA Chapter HJ-04 Solon and the Pillar of Civic Responsibility for embracing EP.OM.E.A .
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